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Where Can I Find Period Products?

A Matter of Dignity

For those who are homeless or those with insufficient financial resource​s, their period can be the most dreaded time of the month. 

Having minimal or no access to period products, one is forced to improvise or worse, go without. 

This is unacceptable and our goal is to make a permanent change in every community.

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"No One Ever Asks"

Because no one ever asks, we assume there is no need. This is absolutely not the case. What we have found in our work is that the need is in fact tremendous.

We place period products, including Period Packs, which contain enough products to get through a complete menstrual cycle, in the restrooms, readily available.   

About Us

Basic Human Right

At The Red Basket Project we believe that access to period products is a basic human right. Having your period should not be a barrier to attending school, work or participating in any part of life. 

The Red Basket Project places period supplies in accessible, supportive places where those who are living on the margins, living in poverty or homeless gather.